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Extension Bells


Industrial Sounder/Strobe AmberProduct Code: RD-RSS01A

Primarily designed for noisy environments where
normal loud ringing is drowned or is
difficult to hear. The unit gives excellent
"bounce around" from the strobe
light. Easy to install - mount on wall,
plug into power outlet and then plug into
Telephone Line.
During incoming ring, the unit produces
a sound and also flashes a strobe light.
The sound type is adjustable across 32
settings using internal adjustments.
Suitable for direct Telephone Lines and
Analog Phone ports or PABX Systems.


  • Fly Lead with BT Plug Supplied as Standard
  • 22Vdc - 240Vac Power Adaptor Included
  • Wall Mountable
  • Amber or (optional Clear, Blue, Green, Red available)
  • 2 Part Unit
  • Strobe Output
  • Sound Output - 1 of 32 Tones
  • Volume Control
  • Very High Light Output
  • Telephone Cord - 2 metres
  • 22Vdc plug pack


IQ333SRDRSSO-1A Instructions 


IQ333SRDRSSO-1A Tone Chart

Telerelay Ring Detect Relay Product Code: RD-RLY01
Telerelay Ring Detect Relay


  • Telephone Ringing Voltage Detection with Relay and FET programmable outputs
  • Message Waiting Detection - Voltage Detection on PABX systems only
  • Relay and FET Reverse Role
  • Power Supply Included
  • 12 to 48Vdc Operation and Switching
  • Easy Wiring


  • 12 to 48Vdc Operation
  • 12 to 48Vdc <1A Resistive Load on either output
  • Use to Drive your own External Devices
  • Slave Relays available for larger loads
  • Built-in 10sec Time Delay if required
  • Built-in PABX Message Waiting Detect if required
  • Power FET Output for Sounder or Light/Strobe Options
  • Relay Output for Light or Strobe Options
  • Can have Strobe Continuous Power Drive State during ringing cycles and sounder Ringing with the Ring Cadence at the same time
  • Relay can follow ringing cadence or HOLD between ring cycles
  • Power FET can follow ringing cadence or HOLD between ring cycles (must have Relay HOLD as well to work otherwise follows Relay)
  • POTS or PABX Hold between ring cycle period selectable
  • Relay can be disconnected via a LINK so as only FET can switch giving totally silent switching for Radio Station Hotlines etc. ie. no relay clicking on Microphone in Studio
  • With the PABX Message Waiting Facility it can be used in Call Centres and Hotels etc. for an easy solution to advise supervisor and others that calls are being missed. Adjustable 65Vdc to 100Vdc simultaneous to Ringing Detection. Therefore, for practical reasons can only be used for one or the other

IQ333SRD-RLY01 Installation Guide